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okNapoli - The 7 wonder
Includes 7 tickets

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  Included experiences

  • Galleria Borbonica - Morelli

    Galleria Borbonica - Morelli
  • MUSA - Reggia di Portici

    MUSA - Reggia di Portici
  • Acquario di Napoli

    Acquario di Napoli
  • Turtle Point

    Turtle Point
  • Pio Monte della Misericordia

    Pio Monte della Misericordia
  • DOMA - San Domenico Maggiore onlus

    DOMA - San Domenico Maggiore onlus
  • Museo Civico Gaetano Filangieri

    Museo Civico Gaetano Filangieri

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Save money with this exclusive package that contains tickets for seven amazing attractions to visit in Naples and surroundings.

What to expect

oKNapoli is a special bundle that gives you access to 7 unmissable places at an incredible price:

  • Acquario di Napoli
  • Galleria Borbonica 
  • Pio Monte della Misericordia
  • DOMA - San Domenico Maggiore onlus
  • Museo Civico Filangieri
  • Musa - Reggia di Portici
  • Turtle Point Portici - Sea Turtle Research Center

Do you want to know more? Continue reading the exclusive special by Mario Fabbroni.


by Mario Fabbroni

The 10 things to do absolutely when you came to Naples: eat pizza, walk through the alleys of the historical center, enjoy the most beautiful gulf in the world and visit the 7 wonders. One at a time. In just six months long ticket.

Tourists arriving in Naples for the first time are attracted by its beauty. A city that blends monuments, landscapes, tasty foods and smells. And that shows almost without warning an indissoluble ensemble of art, people, stores, daily life shows, unstoppable nightlife until dawn.

In Naples you live after hours. People go late to eat, to the latest cinema show, to dance, never before midnight. Naples has always lived against the trend. In order to enjoy the beauty of the city, it is necessary to get informed, to understand what there is to do and see, to hunt for the latest news. Even if they are museums and centuries-old monuments.

Mapping out an itinerary to approach the extraordinary richness of the city is perhaps the best way to get to know Naples. Perhaps starting from the top: from the breathtaking terrace above San Martino overlooking neighborhoods, the historic center, palaces, waterfront, port, castles, Vesuvio and the Gulf to Sorrento. Inevitable to take dozens and dozens of photos.

But what are you still doing up there? It's time to immerse yourself in culture and science, in street food, in the voices of the alleys, in the unique and inimitable museums, in the underground caves, in the architectural atmospheres of Kings and Queens, in the sumptuous gardens, in the collections of paintings, ceramics, statues, archaeological finds.

You are now in the largest and most colorful historical center of Italy, UNESCO heritage. Left, right, front, back: you are surrounded by beauty.

What to see?

  • The breathtaking Caravaggio of the Pio Monte della Misericordia
  • The exciting underground cavities of the Galleria Borbonica
  • The 800 years told by the Complesso Monumentale di San Domenico Maggiore
  • The paintings and weapons of the Museo Filangieri.

In the heart of Naples you go on foot. A walk enlivened by a good coffee served in the cup with the 3 Cs ("Comme Cazz Coce...") or eating a Margherita "a libretto" (i.e. folded into four parts), a hot fried pizza, a cartoccio with zeppole and panzerotti or a "cuoppo di mare".

You don't even have time to drink a beer or a cold drink when you open the doors of the Pio Monte with the 7 Works of Mercy painted by Caravaggio (via Tribunali)

of the incredible "Palace that walks" with the Filangieri Museum (again via Duomo), of the beautiful Piazza San Domenico dominated by the monumental complex where the Benedictine monks live and where St. Tommaso D'Aquino lived.

More coffee (it's so good, how can you say no!) and back to the charge to go to the sea. Leaving the Decumani of the historic center, the stores of Via Roma and Via Toledo suggest shopping (irresistible attraction for all women). Worthy of attention are the Galleria Umberto I, the Real San Carlo Theater attached to the Royal Palace and the beautiful Piazza del Plebiscito.

At this point you can decide to challenge the desire for shopping again, go up the very elegant Via Chiaia and come out in Piazza dei Martiri (the "good living room" of the city) and then reach the other entrance of the Bourbon Tunnel in Via Morelli. Indeed, the underground site which boasts excellent reviews from visitors, can also be reached by car thanks to the modern Morelli parking lot which occupies one of the underground cavities.

However, the emotions never end. Returning to the open air after visiting the underground and diving into the submerged atmosphere of the oldest scientific aquarium in the world is really easy. In fact, just a few steps through Piazza Vittoria (to the right is the store with Marinella's ties, but better to go there slowly), enter the Villa Comunale, walk through trees and paths attracted by the large central building that contains the Anton Dohrn Foundation, hundreds of marine biologists from around the world and the 20 tanks of the renovated Aquarium of Naples full of fish and species that inhabit the depths of the Gulf. An hour at least to live immersed in biodiversity.

And now what about a historic train, similar to the one that ran along the tracks of the Naples-Portici? It was October 3, 1839 when, in the presence of Ferdinand II, King of the Two Sicilies, was inaugurated the first Italian railway line with double track long 7.2 kilometers. A handful of minutes and you arrive at the station of Portici-Granatello: here a small staircase leads visitors to the small port full of bars and restaurants but above all where stands the "Turtle Point": a kind of hospital where turtles injured or at risk of suffocation due to plastic bags abandoned in the sea, heal and return to freedom for the joy of children. And not only.

Now look towards Vesuvius. You will be amazed. Behind a sumptuous wood, stands the Vanvitellian Reggia di Portici. Beautiful, built by King Carlo di Borbone in Via Università 100 before the Royal Palace of Caserta. Since 1935 here are in fact the students of Agriculture of the oldest university in Europe, the Federico II. But above all, the apartments where the royal family lived: you can also admire the finds that came to light from the nearby Archaeological Excavations of Ercolano. The Botanical Garden then is really unique, with hundreds of rare plants and botanical guides very prepared and ready to tell incredible anecdotes.


okTicket: we offer emotions


We sell tickets, sure. But in reality we offer sensations, joy, cultural interactions, the pleasures of life.

okTicket in fact puts inside your tickets all the passion for art, for the cities to visit, for the taste of discovery. Food for the soul (and not only). Because a museum, like an archaeological or scientific site, is full of stories.

okTicket works every day to facilitate access for all people to the treasures that Italy preserves in every corner. Beauty and to put in your smartphone, with a simple click: the ticket that opens the doors of a wonderful heritage.


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